X-Ray full container inspection machine


• X-ray


  • Panoramic view (ideal for glass jars and cans)
  • Can view (ideal for cans and cardboard bricks)


  • mechanical fingers


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  • Can version:
    Steel tins
    Aluminium tins
    Carton bricks and coupled
    Plastic bottles
  • Panoramic version:
    Glass jars
    Glass bottles
    Glass cups

Raybox is an x-ray inspection machine manufactured in two versions:

  • Panoramic version:
    examines the product by aligning the source with the lid and with “Panoramic Vision” inspection the cover and bottom of the containers.
  • Can version: 
    examines the product with vision aligned at the bottom of the containers.


Raybox can reject high density foreign bodies such as metal, glass, ceramic, stone, Viton rubber, etc. The machine can also expel deformed containers, fallen containers, glass defects, low level filling and twist-off capsules closed incorrectly.
The containers are fed in single rows inside the machine using a conveyor belt that crosses the entire machine.
The Can Version system has a conveyor belt with a commercial chain in plastic or steel.
The Panoramic Version system is equipped with a conveyor belt made of x-ray transparent material.
The contaminated containers are automatically diverted from the product flow and sent to a separate zone.

Raybox is equipped with a palette waste system with electro-pneumatic activation that enables containers of any size to be ejected with high precision.


High production capacity​

Significant labour savings​

Real-time performance analysis​

Automatic capture of images of rejected products

Constant selection over time

Low maintenance costs

User-friendly software

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