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The food sorter with artificial intelligence


• pulsed LED lights with matrix cameras

Optical resolution:
• 0,3×0,3 mm

on belt – top view

• 2 WAY / 3 WAY

• OY-600 / OY-1200 / OY-1800


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OPPORTUNITY is an optical food sorter which exploits artificial intelligence (Deep Learning) for 360-degree product quality control. Thanks to the roller belt (spin belt) that allows products to rotate and matrix cameras to capture entire frames of the rolling product, the software enables increased product quality, completely replacing manual sorting.

OPPORTUNITY is based on the principle of self-learning and can be adapted to the selection of different types of products. With its compact design and ability to communicate with other machines, Opportunity can be easily placed within processing lines to contribute to complete production automation.

OPPORTUNITY iis capable of performing a real-time “identikit” of each product, on each side. This enables to identify even the slightest defect and presence of necrotic in any part of the tornato.
The great advantage of artificial intelligence, is that the machine is “trained” with the acquisition of many images and easily adapts to the growing needs of quality control.

Opportunity is available in 3 versions

600 mm vision width


1200 mm vision width


1800 mm vision width


High production capacity

Selection of large quantities of product in little time

Low maintenance

(up to 100% according to the applicaion).

Real-time detection

of qualitative data of raw material analysed

Automatic capture of images

of rejected products and their filing for post-production analysis

Constant selection over time

also over 3 work shifts

Low maintenance costs

User-friendly software

for easy use and programming

Technical characteristics

CapacityUp to 10 t/hUp to 20 t/hUp to 30 t/h
Machine length3.600 mm3.600 mm3.600 mm
Inspection belt width600 mm1.200 mm1.800 mm
Inspection belt speed20-45 m/min20-45 m/min20-45 m/min
Pixel size0,3×0,3 mm0,3×0,3 mm0,3×0,3 mm
Number of ejection valves61218

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