The double-view sorter for high capacities


• LED pulsed light with photodiode array

Optical resolution:
• 4×4 mm

free fall – single / double sides

• 2 WAY / 3 WAY

• by fingers / by air nozzles


  • Washed potatoes
  • Unwashed potatoes
  • Onions
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Beetroots
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INGENUITY is a double-vision sensor sorter. It is equipped with Visible Color and NIR technology (Near Infra Red).
The system can detect organic or inorganic foreign bodies (including completely black), rotten products and color defects.

Thanks to the 100 channels configuration, INGENUITY allows a capacity up to 80 t/h, for a large agro and industrial production.
The machine is available in a 2WAY configuration and the ejection system is by mechanical fingers in a special high-resistance and anti-abrasion material.


High production capacity

Selection of large quantities of product in little time

Low maintenance

(up to 100% according to the applicaion).

Real-time detection

of qualitative data of raw material analysed

Automatic capture of images

of rejected products and their filing for post-production analysis

Constant selection over time

also over 3 work shifts

Low maintenance costs

User-friendly software

for easy use and programming

Technical characteristics

Model IY-1000
Sorting channels 100
Vision area width (L) 2500 mm (100″)
Pixel dimension 4×4 mm
Control and diagnostic device Interactive LCD touch-screen color digital panel onboard
Rejection channel width 25 mm (1″)
Rejection type Mechanical fingers
External and/or remote connection Ethernet and/or modem
Conveyor speed 50-70 m/min

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