Optical sorter for tomato

• LED pulsed light with CCD Camera

Optical resolution:
• 0,5×0,5 mm

on belt – top view 

• 2 WAY / 3 WAY

• by fingers / by air nozzles

  • Peeled tomatoes
  • Datterini tomatoes
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Whole Tomatoes

Rayvolution is an optical sorting machine with the highest resolution cameras to examine the product on the conveyor belt. The system is used to check peeled and unpeeled tomatoes.

Rayvolution can dispose of colour defects, marked produce and foreign bodies also the same colour as the good product. The product is fed on the inspection belt used to stabilise the product so it doesn’t roll off. The inspection zone is clearly separated from the ejection zone to avoid product sprays which can prejudice selection over time.

Rayvolution is equipped with a palette waste reject system with electro-pneumatic drive. It can have a single ejection system, or in 3Way mode, can have two reject systems that differentiate unusable produce from defects considered second choice.


Rayvolution is an Octa-Chromatic machine equipped with the following technologies:

  • NIR (Near InfraRed) technology;
  • Visible Color analysis;
  • Translucency analysis;
  • Shape analysis.

NIR technology can detect the presence of rot and foreign bodies.

Visible Color analysis allows colour defects to be detected, such as green products, yellowing, etc.

Translucency analysis enables detection of stones in the dehydrated fruit and contaminants which are on the side towards the conveyor belt.

The shape analysis allows removal of tomatoes that are too small.

An ethernet connection is available for remote control.

The machine detects statistical data on rejected products for quality analysis of the selected raw material.


High production capacity

Selection of large quantities of product in little time

Low maintenance

(up to 100% according to the applicaion).

Real-time detection

of qualitative data of raw material analysed

Automatic capture of images

of rejected products and their filing for post-production analysis

Constant selection over time

also over 3 work shifts

Low maintenance costs

User-friendly software

for easy use and programming

Technical characteristics

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