RAYBOX X-rays to identify foreign bodies: the experience of Luxardo

"Thanks to Raybox, we were able to obtain total coverage of the range of materials found in the product and allowed us to guarantee the highest possible level of food safety, also in light of the standards imposed by our integrated certification system."
Giorgio Luxardo
CEO at Luxardo S.p.A.

Girolamo Luxardo S.p.a. is a historical producer of liqueurs, aromas, syrups and jams based in Torreglia, in the province of Padua, Italy. The company is a family business and was founded by Girolamo Luxardo in 1821. Thanks to its well-established brand, it exports to more than 76 countries around the world.

Product safety has always been very important but the choice of an x-ray machine was made compulsory to increase the level of control of the food line (especially jams and cherries in syrup) after the introduction in previous years of metal detectors and inspection cameras that did not cover all the possible cases of materials found inside the product.

From the very beginning, x-ray technology proved to be an obvious choice and Raytec was able to propose the best solution. In fact, Raybox RB-050-C-PV  allows a better yield in larger formats. Specifically, the installation provides for the removal of foreign bodies and damaged cans in the large format of 5.4 kg.

RAYBOX is a machine for automatic in-line radioscopic inspection of food products packaged in glass jars, cans, or bricks. The packages in transit on a special conveyor inside the machine, are hit by X-rays generated by a special device, which through the package reach the Detector (linear sensor). The adjustable point of view that characterizes the RAYBOX inspection systems guarantees the widest possibility to inspect the container and its content. The CVS software that equips the inspection machines is able with precision and repeatability to analyze the images of the packages in transit and to reject those that do not comply with a specific standard or that contain foreign bodies.

The installation was carried out by Raytec technicians, but Luxardo set up the belts and electrical lines independently.