Quality of frozen mushrooms with Dryce sorter: Versilfood

"The optical sorter Dryce of Raytec for the sorting of frozen mushrooms, is a cutting-edge technology to select and reject in a very precise and efficient way all the foreign bodies and contaminants to improve the quality of our product."

Versilfood was founded in 1986 from an intuition of Riccardo Romanini and was the leading company in the field of fresh mushrooms until the mid-90s and then evolve more and more and become a reality at the national level and not only of the mushroom processed, frozen, dried, and fresh.

The values that distinguish this company are the quality of the product, food safety and a look towards the future.
They chose the optical sorter Dryce, because Raytec is a reference company in the world of food safety. The peculiarity of the mushroom is that being a product that comes from the earth and is not cultivated, it is easily contaminated by foreign bodies that are difficult to detect with the naked eye. For this reason, manual sorting was excluded opting instead for a technology that could compensate for human “fallibility”, optimizing costs and ensuring a good capacity of processed products.

“The relationship with Raytec is now daily and of maximum availability, for any problem or upgrade of the foreign body management program, they are always present.  The challenge is to always try to satisfy the customer and the customer, as the saying goes, is always right. From our side, all the commitment and willingness to ensure that there are no disputes and that the customer is always happy.”